Tantric Intimacy:
SkyDancing into Bliss
November 10-12, 2017
Following the Timeless Loving: Intro to SkyDancing Tantra seminar comes Tantric Intimacy: SkyDancing into Bliss which presents “The Wave”, a transformative tantric practice for enriching your erotic and spiritual intimacy. Using ecstatic sensual touch, energy and gentle breathing practices, you connect with yourself and your partner in new ways to create deep communion and balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself and your relationship.
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Event Info

Teachers: Cassidy Geppert & Mika Smith

Start: Friday, Nov 10, 2017 at 7:30pm (after dinner).

End: Sunday, Nov 12, 2017 at 12pm (followed by lunch).

Cost: $350 tuition per person, plus meals/lodging option.

Lodging Options: (includes meals)

  • CWP: $325 tuition + $258 lodging = $583 per person for cabin with plumbing
  • CNP: $325 tuition + $218 lodging = $543 per person for cabin without plumbing
  • Lodge: $325 tuition + $172 lodging = $497 per person for lodge room

Deposit: $250 per person; full payment due for registrations on or after Oct 27, 2017.

Meals: Tuition includes delicious meals (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch) and use of Breitenbush Hot Springs facilities (Friday 3pm to Sunday 3pm). If you have any further questions, please call our office at 707-987-3456.

Breitenbush Hot Springs

Breitenbush is a remote forest retreat of timeless natural beauty, blessed with abundant hot springs, a glacier-fed river and surrounding mountains, where you will discover a vast and personal connection with the natural world in any season. Soak in The Meadow Pools lined in smooth river rocks or the four Spiral Hot Tubs of varying temperature. Enjoy the Steam Sauna, a cedar cabin perched above steaming waters. A spirit of respect and sanctuary pervades the clothing-optional soaking pools.

Event Organizer:

Ecstatic Living Institute
844-987-3456 (within the USA) or 707-987-3456 (internationally)

Cancellation and Refunds...

If you have any questions, or would like assistance to register by phone call us at 844-987-3456 (within the USA) or 707-987-3456 (internationally). Or to simply register online, continue below. Note that singles will be waitlisted until paired.

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